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Dr. Bangkok Anti-Aging Center


Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC), which is staffed by licensed doctors, highly qualified therapists, and alternative health practitioners, is a luxury health and beauty clinic in Thailand that focuses on offering patients a powerful combination of conventional and holistic medicine to effectively identify and treat the causes of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. The clinic acknowledges the fact that every patient has individual needs and objectives. Thus, their treatment programs are customized according to the specific requirements of each patient.

The clinic is known to provide patient-centered treatments and therapies, which begin with a BAAC Check-Up that consists of a live blood analysis, bio body scan, and doctor’s consultation. The treatment options will depend on the results of the check up. Services offered include a wide range of anti-aging treatments and aesthetic treatment programs. Serving both local and international patients, the staff of Bangkok Anti-Aging Center is known to go the extra mile to provide an excellent experience. Doctors are praised for spending as much time as possible during the consultation, and this empowers them to identify the root cause of the problem, which is instrumental in formulating targeted treatments.

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