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The Cosmetic Surgery Chennai, a first-class medical facility, is one of the leading destinations for high-quality but affordable plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgical procedures in India. Employing only the best doctors and world-class technologies, the clinic offers only the best and natural-looking results. The clinic, which boasts world-class facilities and which is accredited to serve medical travelers, specializes in Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Hair Transplantation and Body Shaping & Sculpting.

Led by Dr. Rajmohan V.M., the clinic benefits from its lead doctor’s vast training and experience in the field of plastic surgery. A medical graduate of the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Sewagram, Dr. Rajmohan has over 15 years of solid experience and is considered an authority on plastic and cosmetic surgery in his country. While completing his post-graduate program focusing on General Surgery, he trained under eminent surgeon Professor VK Mehta. He then developed a special interest in plastic surgery, which led him to specialize in the field by taking up a diplomate training under renowned plastic surgeon Professor R. Venkataswami. He is currently a national board-certified plastic surgeon affiliated with and widely respected by premier hospitals in Chennai.

The clinic’s highly respected team is also composed of Dr. A. Mohamed Mubarack, the clinic’s in-house anaethesiologist who pioneered all regional anaesthesia techniques in Chennai, ensuring not just patient safety but also utmost comfort during the procedures. Dr. S. Hemalatha Rajmohan, on the other hand, is the clinic’s Aesthetician and Pigmentologist with over ten years experience in aesthetic practice. Highly trusted by both her peers and patients, she uses varied technology and the latest techniques; she also has hands-on experience in using all the latest in laser technology.

Cosmetic Surgery Chennai is located at New Hope Indian Specialty Hospital, 1051 Poonamallee High Road, Arumbakkam, Chennai 106. Listed in the Lonely Planet’s 2015 top 10 cities to travel, Chennai features historic landmarks, long sandy beaches, and numerous cultural and art centres.

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Rajmohan Veera
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<p>Dr. Rajmohan V.M.graduated from the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Sewagram where he obtained his medical degree and completed his post-graduate general surgery training under eminent surgeon Professor VK Mehta, who helped hone his skills as a general surgeon. Choosing to specialize, he took up specialty training programs in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, including a super specialization training course under renowned plastic surgeon Professor R. Venkataswami. After his intensive training, he obtained a national board certification as a plastic surgeon, and he begun dividing his time working at all the premier hospitals in Chennai. Some of his most notable achievements include a stint at the Padhar Hospital where he worked as a smile consultant and performed several cleft surgeries and cosmetic surgeries under the supervision of plastic surgeon Dr. Rajiv Choudhrie. </p> <p>Due to his extensive training, Dr. Rajmohan V.M has evolved into a very versatile and dynamic cosmetic surgeon. He is an expert in several procedures and is widely recognized in the industry as an authority figure on cosmetic surgery; because of this, he is often invited to speak at various seminars and conferences.</p>

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