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Dr. DIAA Clinic


DIAA Clinic is a premier aesthetic and skincare centre that combines art with science to help patients, both local and international, improve their physical appearance. It offers a range of nonsurgical aesthetic procedures including laser-based treatments for skin rejuvenation, tightening, and whitening as well as for hair and tattoo removal. It also provides FDA-approved procedures including ultherapy for the non-surgical lifting of the eyebrow, neck, and under-chin. The clinic also offers more invasive procedures including liposuction and traditional plastic surgery.

DIAA Clinic offers a spa-like environment as it strives to make patients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their visit. With more than ten million baht investment, the clinic features advanced technology and four fully-equipped treatment rooms.

The clinic was founded by Dr. Danai Praditsuwan, an expert in both invasive and non-invasive anti-ageing and aesthetic procedures. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine.

Languages Spoken
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  • Tagalog
  • Thai
Danai Praditsuwan
Danai PraditsuwanVerifiedDoctor in Thailand
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<p>Dr. Danai Praditsuwan started his career in medicine as a specialist general and orthopaedic surgeon. With a keen interest in aesthetic medicine, he pursued his Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine as well as his certificate in liposuction and body sculpting surgery in 1998. These were followed by numerous training courses in Botox, chelation therapy, fat grafting, butterfly lifting, stem cell, and rhinoplasty, among others. </p> <p>Focusing on aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, he founded DIAA Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which focuses on providing non-surgical aesthetic procedures. He also offers liposuction and traditional <a href="">plastic surgery</a> and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine.</p>

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