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Dr. Balasundram Govindasamy's Obstetrics & Gynecology Centre

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Balasundram Govindasamy Obstetrics & Gynaecology Centre is located at highly trusted Sunway Medical Hospital, an Australian Council on Healthcare Standards accredited private hospital. Headed by Dr. Balasundram Govindasamy, who specializes in Gynae Cancer Surgery, and General Obstetrics & Gynaecology, the clinic offers a comprehensive diagnosis, management, and treatment of various conditions that threaten the female reproductive system.

With over 32 years of solid experience, Dr. Balasundram is considered one of the best in his field of expertise in Malaysia. He obtained his medical diploma from the University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur in 1983 and was entrusted various positions including Registrar and Medical Officer at Klang General Hospital, Department of Urology and Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. He was also a Clinical Specialist in Obstetrics &Gynaecology (Klang General Hospital), Lecturer (University of Malaya Medical Centre), and a Senior Registrar in Gynecologic Oncology at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and Royal Marsden Hospital in London before starting his private practice.

Dr. Balasundram Govindasamy Obstetrics & Gynaecology Centre provides accurate diagnosis that is made possible by using the latest technology and most advanced techniques that are combined with Dr Balasundram’s expertise and years of experience. Meanwhile, patient satisfaction is ensured as Dr. Balasundram offers clinically-proven treatments and strives to provide exceptional patient experience at all times.

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • Tamil
  • Malay
Clinic Highlights
  • Removal of fibroids
  • Hysterectomy for benign condition
  • Hysterectomy for cancers
  • Removal of cyst
  • Day Surgery
  • MRI
Dr. Balasundram Govindasamy
Dr. Balasundram GovindasamyVerifiedObstetrician & gynaecologist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Dr. Balasundram Govindasamy is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of general gynecological and obstetrics conditions such as vaginal or vulvar disorders, vaginal bleeding and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, as well as in the screening and management of more serious gynaecological conditions such as cancer. With over 32 years of experience, Dr. Balasundram is highly trained in pre-natal care, delivery (normal and Caesarian section) and surgery; he also provides reproductive gynaecological services such as preconception counseling, pregnancy testing, contraceptive management, and the use of intra-uterine device, as well as peri- and post-menopausal services.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Hysterectomy (Benign Condition)
est. $ 3566
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Myectomy (Removal of Fibroids)
est. $ 3566
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Vaginal Hysterectomy
est. $ 4755
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