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Dr. Food Advisory Group


Food Advisory Group was founded in 2009 by Vivianna Wou, an internationally experienced Certified Nutritionist and Food Development Technologist. The clinic's main goal is to provide specific, targeted, and patient-centered supplement and wellness programs that are designed to help clients achieve optimum health and vitality.

Working closely with a team of health experts, the clinic is able to address a wide range of health needs for all ages and specialises in Consultation & Education, Analysis & Tests, Diet Plans, Lifestyle, and Therapies.

Counting Nestle Singapore, Cerebos Companies, Men’s Health, and Star Hub as some of its clients, Food Advisory Group’s success is hugely attributed to its founder, Vivianna Wou who brings years of solid experience and stellar reputation on the table.

Ms. Wou graduated in England and has worked and lived in the United Kingdom and Australia. After 10 years of serving major food and healthcare companies in the UK, she returned to Singapore to fulfill her goals and passion for the food and healthcare sector.

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Vivianna Wou
Vivianna WouDoctor in Singapore
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<p>Vivianna Wou, a Certified Nutritionist, Food Development Technologist, and Nutritional Consultant, is the genius behind Food Advisory Group, a boutique nutrition consultancy that offers customized supplement and wellness programs designed to address the varying needs of individuals to improve their health conditions. </p> <p>With over 12 years of solid experience in the field of nutrition science, she has helped countless of patients realize their fitness goals as well as to combat diseases through nutrition. Her experiences include working full-time in a clinical environment helping patients suffering from stroke, high-blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, fatigue syndrome, and indigestion. She has also helped treat migraine, acne, eczema, food intolerances, allergies, and weight loss in the field of nutritional supplementation. </p> <p>Prior to setting up Food Advisory Group in Singapore, Ms. Wou worked and lived in the United Kingdom and Melbourne Australia for more than a decade. Her working experiences involve conducting health seminars with major food companies such as Cerebos and Nestle, to name a few. She also worked at Singapore General Hospital in the Food Nutrition and Dietetics Department. </p> <p>Ms. Wou is a member of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, Singapore Institute of Food Science &amp; Technology, The Nutrition Society UK, and British Nutrition Foundation.</p>