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Life Speech


Life Speech is a specialised clinic focusing on helping both children and adults as well as both local and international patients who are facing challenges in speaking, understanding, and using language skills. It offers comprehensive treatment and management programs where thorough assessment and screening are carried out to effectively gauge patients' abilities related to speech, language, feeding, literacy, voice, and social skills. Based on the result of assessment and screening, the clinic's highly dedicated and skilled professionals develop timely and individualised treatment plans using evidenced-based speech pathology programs and therapy courses that utilise proven effective techniques.

The clinic is helmed by Ms. Eva Lim, a speech therapist trained in Queensland, Australia where she became an expert in various speech and communication assistance programs before setting up her private practice in Singapore. Her areas of expertise include articulation disorders, expressive/receptive language disorders, stuttering, dyslexia, dyspraxia, learning disorders, autism, and oral motor difficulties.

The clinic has seen many cases where positive change and significant improvement have taken place for individuals who have speech, language, and swallowing difficulties. Clients progress and grow at Life Speech, with the help of targeted and meaningful programs. The clinic also provides training and consultation on specialized techniques for clients and professional educational therapists. At Life Speech, the therapists are committed to empowering those with speech and language problems to find their lost words and unspoken thought, and express them effectively.

Languages Spoken
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
Eva Lim
Eva LimDoctor in Singapore
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Ms. Eva Lim is one of the speech language therapists currently practicing at Life Speech, a specialist clinic in Singapore that serves both local and international patients with problems in speaking, understanding, and using language skills. Ms. Lim, who provides evidence-based speech pathology and therapy courses, obtained her Bachelor in Social Sciences in Psychology and Social Work (with honours) from the National University of Singapore. She also completed her Masters in Speech Pathology at the University of Queensland (Australia). She is trained and certified to provide the following programs: Phonological Awareness for Literacy (PAL), Lindamood-Bell programs, Talk Tools, Hanen programs, Lidcombe, Handwriting without Tears (HWT), Eklan, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and SOS feeding. Ms. Lim is a member of the Allied Health Professionals Council and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (United Kingdom).

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