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Orchard Health Clinic specialises in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Post-operative Rehabilitation. Our goal is to find and apply the right solution to your unique problems, so you are free from pain and able to restore the function of your injured body parts.

Our team of experts understands that there are similarities in terms of the condition, but how the condition affects the injury will slightly differ from person to person. With this in mind, we focus on identifying all the symptoms and finding out how the body is responding, before customising a treatment plan that utilises the expertise of our doctors and therapists and the machines at our disposal if required. We will be there in every step of the recovery process, including when you’re already working with your personal trainer.

We make sure that your exercise programs are in sync with your recovery plan and the state of your physical fitness. We always strive to exceed expectations, so we always apply a hands-on approach with all of our patients. With our assistance, not only will you be able to achieve relief from the pain caused by an injury or a medical condition, but you’ll also find that your body can function better despite of your medical issues.

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Martin John
Martin JohnVerifiedDoctor in Singapore
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<p>When Martin John completed his studies in Osteopathy in Britain, he immediately began working in various practices. In 2003, Martin was given the opportunity to visit Singapore. He immediately loved the climate, people, and the country as a whole. Six years later, in 2009, he decided to open his private practice and set up Orchard Health Clinic. His mission is to provide top quality services in a warm, friendly, and ethical manner. His approach soon paid off, as high-end professionals and local families were soon frequently visiting him. His passion and commitment to providing custom-tailored solutions was well accepted in the country. In fact, he was featured on various TV programs, magazines, and other publications. Martin specializes in providing effective, safe, and non-medicinal treatments for a variety of conditions, such as disc injuries to the back and neck, joint injuries, and conditions like scoliosis, disc bulges, and spondylosis.</p>