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Dr. Safe Havens Clinic


Safe Havens Clinic is an exclusive, private addiction treatment facility set in a comfortable, safe and conducive environment. With our advanced and 5-star-level facilities, we provide our patients with a comfortable stepping stone towards full recovery from drug abuse, alcoholism, and process addiction.

We believe that the only solution to any addiction is a complete healing of the mind, body, and spirit. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, with our programs carefully-planned by trained and experienced psychiatrists, counselors, and experts to suit the unique and changing needs of every patient.

Safe Havens Clinic’s programs are purposely designed to be limited and exclusive to ensure excellent staff-to-patient ratio. With this in mind, we are able to provide customized and flexible recovery programs that provide our patients the best possible chance to rebuild themselves and to be on their way to long-lasting recovery. Despite offering world class, international-standard comparable services, Safe Havens is also committed to providing affordable treatment solutions as we offer the lowest treatment fees in Thailand. We offer a wide range of treatment programs: 28-day, 42-day and 60-day programs that patients can choose from.

At Safe Havens Clinic, we provide spiritually based healing programs in full consideration, compassion and respect for the needs and the circumstance of our every client.

Languages Spoken
  • Thai
  • English