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SBCC Baby & Child Clinic (Neurology Centre)



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Phuah Huan Kee
Phuah Huan KeeVerifiedDoctor in Singapore
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Dr. Phuah is a Paediatrician with a special interest in Child Neurology. He received his MBBS (1989) and Masters of Medicine in paediatrics (1994) from the National University of Singapore. He subsequent went for subspecialty training in child neurology at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama, the paediatric teaching hospital of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, from 1997 to 2000. He was awarded as a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore in 2004. Dr. Phuah was previously a consultant (Department of Paediatric Medicine) at KKH and served as Head of the Neurology Service. He was also a member of the Medical Board of the hospital. He was the recipient of two Singhealth research grants - studying the utility of portable Video EEG monitoring for definitive diagnosis and characterization of seizures in children, and developing a database for Seizure Disorders in Children in KK Hospital. Dr. Phuah has published in peer-reviewed journals and has a special interest in the evaluation of common neurological disorders in children (seizure disorders/epilepsy, headaches, developmental delay, involuntary movement, etc) and the evaluation of acute neurological emergencies in children (meningitis, encephalitis, refractory seizures, altered awareness, acute flaccid paralysis, strokes, etc). He is an associate member of the American Academy of Neurology and a member of the Singapore Paediatric Society, the Singapore Epilepsy Society, and the Singapore Headache Society. Dr. Phuah is able to converse in English, Mandarin, and Malay.

Liew Kein Meng Wendy
Liew Kein Meng WendyVerifiedDoctor in Singapore
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Medical field which involves the medical care of infants children and adolescents. Specialists in this field are called paediatricians or paediatricians.

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