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Dr. Super Sight Eye & Lasik Pte Ltd


SuperSight Lasik Centre is conveniently located at Paragon Medical Suites on Orchard Road, Singapore. It is fully equipped to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all known eye conditions that affect both children and adults including glaucoma, refractive errors, pterygium, dry eye, cataract, and retinal detachment, among others. The clinic features the latest technological advancements in the field of ophthalmology including the 5th generation Carl Zeiss Mel 80 Excimer Laser and the CRS Master Diagnostic system.

The clinic is committed to providing patient-centred eye care. It offers a comprehensive list of treatment options that range from non-invasive methods to surgical procedures. All patients are fully informed about their condition as well as all their treatment options to help them make a well-informed decision about their eye health.

SuperSight Lasik Centre is helmed by Dr. Vish Padmanabhan. He graduated from the University of Melbourne in Australia and completed his fellowship at the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists in Sydney. He has over 20 years of experience and is considered one of the leading eye surgeons in Singapore. He is a recognized authority in his field due to his exemplary surgical skills and for introducing a number of innovative techniques in ophthalmology, especially in the fields of cataract, glaucoma, and vision-correcting eye surgeries.

Dr. Vish is deeply committed to continuously improving patient outcomes and is now currently working on innovative new treatments for dry eye disease. He is also improving techniques used in LASIK, cataract and glaucoma surgery, and other vision correction procedures to further enhance patient care.

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Vish Padmanabhan
Vish PadmanabhanVerifiedDoctor in Singapore
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<p>Dr. Vish Padmanabhan is a senior consultant eye surgeon with over 30 years of practice experience. He has subspecialty expertise in laser eye surgery and treatment of cataract and glaucoma. He is the medical director of Super Sight Eye &amp; LASIK clinic, a specialist eye surgery clinic at the Paragon in Singapore. </p> <p>He offers custom LASIK, Epi-LASIK, and ICL surgery as well as sutureless and laser cataract surgery. He also treats and manages patients with <a href="">glaucoma</a>, dry eyes, corneal disease, and age-related eye diseases. Other services he offers are retinal laser therapy and eyelid surgery. </p> <p>He completed his MBBS degree at the University of Melbourne in 1983. Following the completion of his postgraduate training, he was conferred a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmology (FRACO) and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). </p> <p>Aside from his private practice, he is also a clinical consultant to Carl Zeiss Excimer Laser Systems in Germany as well as visiting consultant ophthalmologist to the National University Hospital Singapore (NUHS). </p> <p>He is often invited to speak and demonstrate live surgery at regional and international conferences, such as the International Congress of Ophthalmology (ICO) and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Annual Meeting (ASCRS).</p>

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