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Dr. Atiwat Pornsiriwiwat

Dr. Atiwat PornsiriwiwatVerified

Doctor in Thailand


Dr. Atiwat Pornsiriwiwat completed his doctor of medicine degree from the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Institute, Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. Following his graduation, he completed numerous courses and obtained the following:

  • Certification of Completion of Bach’s Flower Remedies, Level One and Two, The Dr. Edward Bach Centre, England (2015)
  • Certification of Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, Shanghai, China (2014)
  • Certification of Completion of Chelation Therapy, Chelation Medical Association, Thailand (2014)
  • Certification of Completion of Cell Therapy, Association of Cell Therapy (2014)
  • Certification of Disability Evaluation, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (2013)
  • Certification of Occupational Medicine, Noppharat Ratchathani Hospital (2013)
  • Certification of Short Course in Dermatology, Institute of Dermatology, Thailand (2011)

Prior to joining Holistic Medical Centre in Bangkok, he served as a general practitioner at Wat Sing Hospital as well as a medical consultant at Venus Clinic, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, and BVRC Integrative Cancer Therapy.

Languages spoken
  • English
  • Thai
Holistic Medical Centre
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Holistic Medical Centre, which is conveniently located on Sukhumvit Road, is Thailand’s most recognised modern holistic medicine clinic and the first in the country to offer integrated services designed to restore health and wellness while rejuvenating both the mind and body. It is a dedicated centre of excellence in South East Asia for alternative medicine and holistic healing focusing on understanding the causes of the disease and addressing them with treatment programmes that are designed to re-balance the body, restore its natural ability to heal itself, and strengthen the immune system. HMC was established in 2003 and is one of the first anti-aging clinics in Thailand. It’s a premier destination for anyone who seeks state-of-the-art facilities, a team of medical experts with years of experience, and comfortable environment. The clinic utilises highly advanced technology capable of detecting irregularities at a cellular level, allowing it to provide targeted and timely treatment. Driven to deliver not just exceptional outcomes but also an amazing experience, the clinic ensures that patients are well taken care of the moment they enter the door. They are offered complimentary massages, refreshments, and the services of dedicated staff members.

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