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Dr. Matthew Liu Xuesong

Dr. Matthew Liu XuesongVerified

Doctor in Singapore


Dr. Matthew Liu Xuesong’s main priority is the safety and satisfaction of his patients. He aims to provide long lasting pain relief using holistic approach, help patients get back to their active lifestyle as soon as possible and preserve the quality of their lives.

He graduated from Singapore College of TCM in 2011 and has more than four years of experience. By combining his in-depth knowledge and extensive training, he strives to deliver the highest level of care to all his patients, both from Singapore and abroad. Among the services he offers include cupping therapy, traction therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, physical therapy, acupressure treatment, guasa therapy, ultra shortwave electrotherapy, and herbal steam bath. As a registered TCM practitioner, he believes in treating patients using only proven holistic approach that does not come with unwanted side effects.

  • Bachelor of medicine, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2011
Languages spoken
  • English
  • Mandarin
Annie Tiang TCM Clinic (The Odeon Katong)
Annie Tiang TCM Clinic (The Odeon Katong)['Traditional Chinese medicine'] in Singapore
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Founded in 1981, and currently helmed by [Professor Joseph Yap Kwok Ann](, Annie Tiang TCM clinic houses a well-trained team, married to the mission of passing on and utilizing the powerful techniques and treatments pioneered by a famous doctor, Dr Yap Tiansi.The clinic offers an impressive catalogue of sought-after TCM services such as acupuncture, TCM orthopaedics, internal medicine and TCM gynaecology. For orthopedics, their treatments have a therapeutic effect on cervical spondylosis, lumbar, as well as on pain disorders related to the neck, shoulder, lower back and joints.For internal treatments, their meridian treatments are immensely beneficial against stomach diseases, chronic conditions and obesity.For gynecology, their treatments are tailored according the patient’s age and phase of the menstrual cycle, in order to provide progesterone solutions.

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