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Dr. Q.B. Maskati

Dr. Q.B. MaskatiVerified

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Dr. Quresh Maskati completed his Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery (DOMS) and Master of Surgery degree in Bombay University (India) in 1983. He then developed his interest in paediatric ophthalmology with a special emphasis on strabismus surgery. This pushed him to travel to Los Angeles in the United States and trained under world-renowned strabismus specialist, Dr. Kenneth Wright. He also completed an intensive training course on handling corneal diseases and performing anterior segment microsurgery in Boston and Rochester (USA) as well as in London.

Dr. Maskati, a postgraduate gold medalist in ophthalmology, is recognized as the only eye specialist in Asia to have extensive experience in Pintucci keratoprosthesis (PK), a surgical procedure performed on bilaterally blind patients. He handled 82 PK cases since 1997. He presented his work at various conferences in the United States and the Asia Pacific Congress in Bangkok. Recognizing his contribution to his field, he was awarded the prestigious Centenary Gold Medal in March 2013 by the Egypt Ophthalmic Society at its annual conference, which was attended by over 2500 ophthalmologists from all over the world. He was also awarded for his pioneering work in artificial cornea by the Indian Intra Ocular Implant and Refractive Society.

Driven to share his knowledge with peers and with his commitment to advancing the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Maskati has published more than two dozens scientific papers both in national and international journals. He also co-authored 12 books on ophthalmology and written a book entitled Simplifying Eye Care in 2010.

Dr. Maskati is the former president of the Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society (1995-95) and Bombay Ophthalmologists’ Association (2000-2001). He is currently the medical director of Maskati Eye Clinic in India as well as the vice-president of All India Ophthalmological Society.

  • Master of science, University of Bombay, 1983
Professional Memberships
  • Bombay Ophthalmology Association
  • Maharashtra Opthalmological Society
  • All India Ophthalmological Society
Languages spoken
  • Marathi
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Arabic
Maskati Eye Clinic
Maskati Eye Clinic['Ophthalmology'] in India
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Maskati Eye Clinic was established in 1955 by Dr. B.T. Maskati who retired in 2015 after serving until he is 90 years old. The clinic, which is located in South Mumbai, is now managed by his son, Dr. Quresh B. Maskati, an eye surgeon with more than 29 years of experience. While most eye clinics in India limit their services to treating cataracts, Maskati Eye Clinic offers comprehensive and up-to-date medical and surgical treatment including refractive, cornea, and cataract surgery, as well as ophthalmic procedures such as phacoemulsification, femtosecond LASIK, collagen crosslinking, and keratoplasty, among others. The clinic uses the most advanced technologies including laser-based devices and performs up-to-date procedures. It features three fully equipped surgical theatres with Zeiss microscope and phacoemulsification machines as well as cardiac defibrillator, Boyle’s machine, and oximeters. The clinic is helmed by Dr. Quresh Maskati who graduated from Bombay University where he obtained his Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery (DOMS) and Master of Surgery degree. He trained in the treatment of the diseases of the cornea and anterior segment microsurgery in London, Boston, and Rochester, USA. He is currently the only ophthalmologist in Asia with extensive experience in performing the Pintucci keratoprosthesis for bilaterally blind patients. Dr. Maskati combines his extensive clinical expertise, years of experience, and the use of advanced technologies to provide patients, both local and international, the highest standards of eye care.

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