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Dr. Renee Law

Dr. Renee LawVerified

Doctor in Malaysia


Dr. Renee Law is a board-certified medical professional specializing in aesthetic medicine. She is the founder of Renee Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dr. Law graduated from the International Medical University and went on to train at the Hospital Sultanah Aminah, both in Malaysia. Realizing her passion for aesthetic medicine, she joined the plastic and reconstructive surgery department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur where she was trained by various famous plastic surgeons in Malaysia. In the process, she was exposed to various methods, techniques, and advanced equipment available in the field of aesthetic medicine. During her training, she performed liposuction, skin grafting, rhinoplasty, and other major reconstructive surgeries. She was also involved in the care and treatment of keloids and burns. Driven to further her knowledge, she pursued her diploma in aesthetic medicine at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Law’s interests include facial contouring, cosmetic surgery, and cosmetic laser procedures. She is a fully registered practitioner under Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.

Professional Memberships
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Ministry of Health Malaysia
Languages spoken
  • Malay
  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified)
RJ Clinic
RJ Clinic['Aesthetic medicine'] in Malaysia
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RJ Clinic, which is located at 3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, is a premiere aesthetic clinic that specializes in minimally invasive facial cosmetic and advanced laser treatments as well as breast and body contouring procedures. The clinic was established by Dr. Renee Law, an aesthetic doctor with more than eight years of experience. Prior to going into private practice, Dr. Law acquired extensive experience by working at Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s plastic and reconstructive surgery department, one of the biggest of its kind in Malaysia. She was trained by various famous plastic surgeons and was exposed to various methods and techniques in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. In 2014, Dr. Cheok Jia Rong joined the clinic. Just like Dr. Law, Dr. Cheok also specializes in facial cosmetic and laser treatments and breast and body contouring procedures including laser skin rejuvenation, laser toning, dermal fillers, skin peels, skin tightening treatments, Botox, and body fillers, among others. Patients who choose Renee Clinic can be confident that they will work together with certified and highly qualified doctors who are driven to provide better patient outcomes by using only industry-approved materials, the most advanced technologies (including laser-based devices), and safe methods.

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