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Dr. Seung Joon Jeon

Dr. Seung Joon JeonVerified

Doctor in South Korea


Dr. Seung Joon Jeon is currently serving at Me Cosmetic Clinic in Seoul, South Korea. He is also a consultant for MBN Daily News Cosmetic Surgery and DongA TV Surgery.

He is a member of the Korean Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine, Korean Liposuction Plasty Society, Asian Society of Cosmetic Surgery, Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and Korean Primary Care Society.

Professional Memberships
  • Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
Languages spoken
  • English
  • Korean
Me Cosmetic Clinic
Me Cosmetic Clinic['Plastic surgery', 'Aesthetic medicine'] in South Korea
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Me Cosmetic Clinic is a 6-storey modern aesthetic centre featuring dedicated laser treatment, hair, and plastic surgery centres. It has spacious, well-appointed interiors and an extremely modern vibe. It also features the most advanced technology in the field of aesthetics and plastic surgery fully equipped to offer blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast implants, epicanthoplasty, and rhinoplasty (nose surgery), among others. It is staffed by Dr. Seung Hoon Baek (a plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience), Dr. So Young Hwang (an aesthetic medicine and dermatology specialist), and Dr. Seung Joon Jeon (a plastic surgeon with over 11 years of experience).

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Language Spoken: English ,Hindi ,Marathi
South Korea
Specialities: Clinic
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Specialities: Clinic
Language Spoken: Marathi ,Hindi ,English
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