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Dr. Siva Rajendram

Dr. Siva RajendramVerified

Doctor in Singapore


Dr. Siva Rajendram career in the field of Dentistry started after he graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1978 and obtained his Diploma in General Dental Practice (DGDP) in the United Kingdom in 1998. With over 37 years of experience, he is considered one of the most experienced in the field of dentistry in the country.

Currently, he practices at Corporate Dental Clinic in Paya Lebar, Singapore where he performs minimally invasive techniques when performing certain procedures such as Laser Gum Treatments, Laser Dental Care, and Veneers to significantly minimize bleeding and risks of complications while speeding up the recovery process. Other dental treatments he offers are Scaling and Polishing, Crown and Bridgework, Teeth Straightening, Root Canal Therapy, Denture Fitting, and Oral Surgery. He also performs single-visit tooth straightening and veneers.

Driven to keep up with the patients’ evolving needs, Dr. Rajendram continually invests time in attending seminars, workshops, and training programmes to know the latest in dental practice including proven advanced techniques.

Dr. Siva Rajendram is a Member of the College of General Dental Practitioners and Prosthodontic Society, both in Singapore.

Professional Memberships
  • College of General Dental Practitioners of Singapore
  • Singapore Dental Council
  • Prosthodontic Society Singapore
Languages spoken
  • English
  • Malay
  • Tamil
  • AIA
  • AXA
Corporate Dental Clinic
Corporate Dental Clinic['General dentistry'] in Singapore
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Corporate Dental Clinic, which is located at 38 Haig Rd in Singapore, specializes in minimally invasive dental techniques. It is the clinic’s goal to make each patient’s dental experience as painless as possible by using the latest available technologies and employing proven techniques. Through this, the pain is significantly minimized as well as the risks of complications such as infections. These methods include laser dentistry that uses a more targeted treatment approach, which avoids harming surrounding healthy gums and teeth. The clinic also offers teeth straightening, root canal treatment, dentures, and oral surgery, among others. Corporate Dental Clinic, with unparalleled commitment to be recognized as one of the best dental clinics in Singapore, has invested heavily in procuring the latest equipment and technologies in the field of dentistry. Meanwhile, its team of dental professionals invests time in continuing education to further improve their skills and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in dental healthcare. One of the leading dentists in the clinic is Dr Siva Rajendram, who possesses several years of experience and expertise in the field. He’s one of the few dentists who have been accredited by Singapore’s Health Science Authority in laser surgery. He is also currently a Member of the Singapore Dental Council and is part of the Complaints Committee.

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