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Dr. Nanoori Hospital

South Korea

Nanoori Hospital was established in 2003 and has always stayed true to its commitment of providing patient satisfaction while ensuring their safety. It is staffed by 30 medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of all known vertebra and joint diseases. Its surgeons are trained in performing surgical techniques that are backed by evidence as well as minimally invasive techniques including arthroscopic options that minimize recovery time, post-surgical pain, and scarring. To ensure better patient outcomes, they use state-of-the-art technologies in treating a wide range of medical conditions including disc problems, stenosis, fractures, deformity, and bone instability.

The hospital has its own radiology, neurosurgery, and orthopaedics departments, allowing it to provide comprehensive treatment and multidisciplinary approach in addressing a wide range of spine and joint conditions. It also has a dedicated joint centre that is focused on providing comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation for patients with arthritis and other conditions that affect joint mobility and usage.

Meanwhile, the hospital’s non-surgical spine care centre provides patients, both local and international, an easy access to innovative procedures that are proven to relieve neck and back pain such as nucleoplasty IMS, nerve blocks, and percutaneous decompressive epidural neuroplasty.

Nanoori Hospital, which has been designated by Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare as a specialized hospital for spinal diseases, is in partnership with Stanford University of Medicine in the United States. The agreement between the two hospitals allows for medical technology exchange, cooperative research on spine and joint treatments, and education programs for both their doctors and surgeons. Nanoori Hospital is accredited by the Korean Orthopaedic Society, the Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society, the Korean Society of Sports Medicine, and the Korean Arthroscopy Society.

Aside from providing patients with long-lasting pain relief and effective treatments, Nanoori Hospital also trains doctors from all over the world. It is also involved in community programs and provides free medical services every month, as well as rehabilitation therapy for senior patients.

Languages Spoken
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Mongolian
  • Korean
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Daman
Jang Il-tae
Jang Il-taeVerifiedDoctor in South Korea
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Gong Byeong-joon
Gong Byeong-joonDoctor in South Korea
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Lee Gwang-yeol
Lee Gwang-yeolDoctor in South Korea
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Kim Hyeon Seong
Kim Hyeon SeongDoctor in South Korea
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Kim Gi-joon
Kim Gi-joonDoctor in South Korea
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Jang Jee-So
Jang Jee-SoVerifiedDoctor in South Korea
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Park Jung-hyun
Park Jung-hyunVerifiedDoctor in South Korea
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Kim Jin-uk
Kim Jin-ukVerifiedDoctor in South Korea
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Lim Jae-hyeon
Lim Jae-hyeonVerifiedDoctor in South Korea
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Oh Sung-hun
Oh Sung-hunVerifiedDoctor in South Korea
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