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Top 3 Reasons to Consult an Ophthalmologist in Singapore

Traveling to Singapore to receive comprehensive ophthalmological care for a wide range of vision problems including corneal and external eye disease, glaucoma, and astigmatism has been popular for quite sometime. The city state has been recognized as one of the best countries not just in Southeast Asia but also across the world for health care services due to its advanced medical infrastructure and stellar reputation in offering better quality service.

If you’re seeking quality eye care outside of United States or Europe, traveling to Singapore is your most viable option due to the following reasons:

High quality medical care – Singapore is a developed nation in Southeast Asia and is known to be the medical hub of the region. The country’s healthcare system has been described to be one of the best in the world in terms of efficiency. Many of the hospitals are accredited or established as a partner of top medical institutions in the west.

Non-existent Waiting Times – Receiving treatment in Singapore for eye related problems is a straightforward process. In most cases, treatment will be provided the same day you visit the hospital. Surgery can also be scheduled on the same day, especially if laser-assisted equipment is going to be used.

Low cost of medical treatment – Despite of the high quality of medical services in Singapore, the cost for receiving treatment is relatively low compared to the west. Depending on your choice of medical institution and surgeon, eye surgeries are often priced 50 to 70 percent lower than the average prices of western hospitals.

With the increasing costs of medical services in western nations, it would only be prudent to seek cheaper options, and Singapore is certainly one of the best if you’re searching for low prices with high quality healthcare.

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