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Acne and Scar Treatments in Southeast Asia

Acne and scar treatments including laser skin resurfacing, acid and diamond peeling, fillers, and even scar camouflage such as micro pigmentation tattooing are at least 50% to 75% cheaper in Southeast Asia—huge savings that you will never get to enjoy if you elect to have them performed in the United States.

Aside from huge savings, Southeast Asia, with its mission to further promote medical tourism particularly to western countries, offers international patients with impressive results. This is achieved by continuously improving their healthcare facilities and procuring cutting-edge technologies. In countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand, aesthetic clinics and hospitals are using the same medical-grade equipment and technologies that are used in the United States and Europe, promising results that meet or even exceed international standards.

In addition, the majority of medical practitioners in Southeast Asia are highly qualified, with most receiving their education and training in some of the top universities in the West. Some have even pioneered cutting-edge surgical techniques that are now widely used worldwide.

Also, as Southeast Asian countries are deeply committed to increasing their market share in the field of medical tourism, they offer patients not just exceptional results but also impressive experience. Unlike in the United States, waiting time in these countries is zero to minimal. Most clinics also offer packages that include tours, accommodation, and airfare to help you save on cost without sacrificing the quality of the procedures.

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