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Advanced, Affordable Skull Fracture Treatment in SE Asia

A skull fracture is a break in the cranial bones caused by severe injuries to the head. It comes in many different types depending on whether the bone has been crushed, depressed, distorted, or splintered. Severe skull fractures are life-threatening, so patients require first aid emergency treatment to stabilise their condition. Once stable, patients will require further treatment, as the fracture will take many months to fully heal.

Patients with fractured skulls can find the most advanced technologies in neurosurgery as well as some of the world’s best and most experienced neurosurgeons in Southeast Asia. The region is currently one of the most successful medical tourism hubs, an acclaim it shares with other more developed regions such as the US and Europe. The region’s main advantage is that, while it has access to the same breakthrough technologies that developed countries have, its treatments and procedures are significantly more affordable. In fact, many patients attest to saving up to 70% of their overall medical cost when they choose to travel to a Southeast Asian country instead of heading to the West.

The region is also a pacesetter in several specialties, including neurosurgery. Some hospitals in the region’s top medical destinations, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia offer cutting edge robotic-assisted neurosurgical procedures. The use of robotics in neurosurgery, usually in combination with advanced microsurgery, has brought the entire surgical field to a whole new level. Available robotic surgical systems in Southeast Asia offer guaranteed precision never before achieved through human intervention. With them on board, patients can undergo even the most complex and sensitive procedures with a significantly lower risk of complications.

Southeast Asia has one other advantage over developed countries when it comes to treating fractured skulls. The region is home to Bangkok Hospital Medical Center in Thailand, which is the only Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited medical facility to receive special certification for its traumatic brain injury programme. The special recognition was awarded in 2013, and resolutely singles out the hospital as the best destination for medical tourists who require treatment for a fractured skull.

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