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Advanced Bacterial Endocarditis Treatment is Cheaper in SEA

Patients who are diagnosed with bacterial endocarditis, also known as infective endocarditis (IE), are advised to seek immediate and specialised care for their condition. This is a type of a heart disease characterised by a bacterial infection of the inner surface of the heart called the endocardium. It commonly affects the valves of the heart. Before the advent of modern antibacterial treatment and cutting edge cardiac care, the condition was fatal in almost all cases.

Now, however, there's already the technology to diagnose and treat bacterial endocarditis. If these are not available locally, patients have the option to travel to the world’s best medical tourism destinations, which include the US, the UK, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Of these, the ASEAN region is growing quite impressively due to the influx of patients who are looking for both quality and affordable healthcare.

Some examples of advanced procedures used in diagnosing and treating bacterial endocarditis that are available in Southeast Asia are echocardiography, intensive antimicrobial/antibacterial therapy, and cardiac surgery. The region also offers minimally invasive treatment procedures, which surgically remove the infected heart tissue or repair valves that were damaged by the disease without performing an open-heart surgery.

Advanced cardiac care is one of the specialties of many Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals in the region’s top medical tourism hubs, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. One such hospital is Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, which was accredited by the JCI in 2007 and whose cardiac care programme was also certified in 2008. Patients with bacterial endocarditis can also visit Bumrungrad International, which has a dedicated heart centre staffed by over 30 cardiologists who have overseas training and experience. Bumrungrad also has one of the most impressive cardiac diagnostic centres that features cutting edge cardiac imaging equipment.

With the combined efforts of their hospitals and their governments, these three countries have successfully built excellent healthcare infrastructures. These allow them to provide patients with the highest quality of medical care that can significantly improve their prognosis.

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