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Advanced but Affordable Epilepsy Treatment in Southeast Asia

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition that causes recurrent, unprovoked seizures accompanied by loss of consciousness and sensory disturbances. The condition, which commonly begins during childhood, can be caused by brain damage, such as those caused by head injuries, strokes, or brain tumours or abnormal brain development due to genetic factors.

Patients with epilepsy require long-term management to help them live as normally as possible. Such service is widely available in Southeast Asia, which boasts a number of globally recognised hospitals and highly qualified doctors that offer specialised treatment for the condition.

Many Southeast Asian hospitals also offer the latest, most advanced medical breakthroughs in the treatment of epilepsy. This is thanks to countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, which continuously invest in their medical infrastructure to bring the latest medical technologies to their shores. These newer treatments include surgical procedures such as functional hemispherectomy, multilobar resections, vagal nerve stimulation, and so many others.

Singapore currently has the most proven track record and its roster of doctors and specialists also have a strong reputation in the global medical tourism market. Malaysia, on the other hand, is known for driving the costs of medical care even lower than its neighbours, and the cost of accommodation in the country is significantly lower than in Singapore. The Malaysian government has also made its visa application process as simple as possible for its medical visitors. Bangkok, on the other hand, is a medical tourists’ favourite because of its ample collection of pristine beaches and tourist attractions that one can enjoy while receiving treatment.

Given all the available treatment options in Southeast Asia, patients with epilepsy have no reason to look further or spend more for their medical needs.

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