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Advanced but Affordable Ptosis of Eyelid Surgery in SE Asia

Ptosis is a condition characterised by a drooping eyelid. It could be congenital or could develop due to a medical disorder, trauma, or age. Minor cases of ptosis typically do not require medical attention while more severe cases, in which the eyelid is blocking the patient’s vision or obstructs the pupil, warrant medical intervention.

Treatment for ptosis of the eyelid is widely available in many countries. However, patients who seek affordable Western standards of care may opt to travel to Southeast Asian countries, namely Singapore, Thailand, or Malaysia, three of the most trusted and reliable medical tourism hubs of today. These countries have several Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals with dedicated ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery department. In these hospitals, patients with ptosis of the eyelids are given comprehensive, targeted care that starts with thorough assessment and diagnosis. These hospitals are fully equipped to perform a slit lamp exam and Tensilon test to determine the cause of the condition and its severity, which helps in identifying the most appropriate treatment for the patient. In the majority of cases, ptosis surgery is recommended if the patient’s vision is blocked. In JCI-accredited hospitals in the region, this surgical procedure is performed by highly qualified and experienced ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeons using advanced technology and breakthrough methods.

Although the quality of healthcare offered in the region is comparable to Western countries, patients only pay a fraction of what they would otherwise spend in the United States or Europe. Even after factoring associated costs, such as airfare and accommodation, patients typically still enjoy up to 75% savings. Other benefits they get to enjoy include exceptional nursing care, minimal to zero waiting time (medical tourists are usually included in hospitals’ priority list), and Signature Asian hospitality.

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