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Advanced Cardiac Care for Myocardial Ischemia in SE Asia

Myocardial ischemia is a medical condition that occurs when the heart does not receive an adequate supply of blood and oxygen due to an obstruction in the coronary arteries. Also known as cardiac ischemia, the condition can cause long-term damage to the muscles of the heart and affect the heart’s ability to pump blood properly. If the obstruction is severe, the condition can cause a heart attack.

Patients who suffer from myocardial ischemia need special cardiac care to improve the flow of blood to their heart. They need to consult with a cardiac specialist who can create an individualised treatment plan that includes a combination of diagnostic tests and imaging scans, medical therapy, and surgical procedures. All these are now available in Southeast Asia’s leading medical tourism hubs, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, where the standard of healthcare has risen to a level comparable to those available in the US and UK.

Southeast Asia first gained worldwide renown when Singapore accelerated to the top of the international medical tourism industry. The country rose to the ranks of the US and Canada in terms of healthcare quality due to its advanced cardiac imaging and diagnostics. With the country’s robust medical infrastructure, patients from all over the world can now undergo innovative diagnostic imaging scans, such as nuclear scan and cardiac PET scans and echocardiogram, among others, at less than half of what they would spend in the West.

Thailand, for its part, is currently offering myocardial ischemia sufferers easier access to the world’s breakthrough cardiac procedures, such as angioplasty and stenting. This is a minimally invasive operation wherein a long, thin catheter is inserted into the affected artery to remove any obstructions. Many of Bangkok’s top cardiac specialists are also trained in performing enhanced external counterpulsation, an innovative and non-invasive outpatient procedure recommended when other treatments have failed to work.

With these advanced treatment options, myocardial ischemia no longer has to be a longstanding issue for its sufferers. Southeast Asia’s highly competent specialists and state-of-the-art medical facilities can offer patients exactly the kind of world-class cardiac care they need to get a new lease on life without spending a fortune.

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