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Advanced Duodenal Haemorrhage Treatment is Cheaper in SEA

Duodenal haemorrhage refers to bleeding arising from the duodenum, which is the upper section of the small intestine and is part of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Patients with this condition may experience symptoms such as bloody stool, vomiting blood, or anaemia. If bleeding is severe, the condition is considered as a medical emergency and patients must be given fluid replacement and blood transfusions right away.

Nowadays, duodenal haemorrhage can be managed through endoscopic therapy. This is one of the many minimally invasive procedures that are revolutionising the field of medicine. While quite expensive compared to conventional therapies, these procedures reduce pain, shorten the recovery period, and reduce the risks of medical procedures. Thankfully, patients can undergo such advanced, innovative treatments at a significantly lower cost by simply going to Southeast Asia.

The lower cost of healthcare is one of the reasons behind the major growth of medical tourism industry in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand and Malaysia. Government initiatives in these two countries have ushered in some massive improvements in their medical infrastructure without burdening patients with high costs. Thus, the quality of healthcare in these developing countries has improved so much that it is now comparable to developed countries but remains so much more affordable.

Aside from the lower cost of treatment in the region, Southeast Asia is also home to a large number of medical specialists who are highly skilled in performing endoscopic procedures. In the case of duodenal ulcers or polyps, endoscopy is not only used for diagnosis, but also for treatment. Skilled doctors can now cauterise duodenal ulcers or even remove polyps from the small intestines using purely endoscopy. With the technology and equipment now available in Southeast Asia, such revolutionary procedures have become more accessible to people from all parts of the globe.

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