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Advanced Gallstone Pancreatitis Treatment in Southeast Asia

Gallstone pancreatitis is a medical condition wherein the pancreas becomes inflamed. This commonly occurs when a gallstone travels down the common bile duct and gets stuck at the sphincter of Oddi (the round muscle near the bile duct’s opening) blocking the outflow of all materials coming from the pancreas and the liver. Due to this, the condition is potentially life-threatening and requires immediate attention from an experienced gastroenterologist.

Patients with gallstone pancreatitis who have limited access to affordable, high-quality medical care in their own country have the option to go abroad for the treatment of their condition. One of the best medical tourism destinations is Southeast Asia, which is home to a large number of highly skilled, internationally trained gastroenterologists who specialise in treating pancreatitis.

Southeast Asia’s advantage exceeds far beyond the skill of its specialists. The region has also gained popularity for its minimally invasive surgical procedures. In efforts to rise to the standards set by medical tourism pioneers such as the US and UK, Southeast Asian countries invest heavily in the latest medical infrastructure, many of which are geared towards making treatment safer and less invasive. For patients suffering from a gallstone pancreatitis, the benefit comes in the form of endoscopic gallstone removal, which removes gallstones without the need for an open abdominal surgery.

These procedures are now widely performed across Southeast Asia, with patients receiving care almost immediately and without having to wait in line. And unlike in developed countries where such advanced procedures cost a lot, Southeast Asia offers them at up to 70% less. This is indeed an invaluable benefit for patients who suffer from severe and potentially life-threatening conditions who do not have thousands of dollars to spend.

The top medical tourism destinations in Southeast Asia nowadays are Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, which collectively offer an impressive range of world-class hospitals, many of which are accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and Joint Commission International (JCI), primarily for their excellent medical infrastructure, high-quality nursing care, and the unparalleled hospitality that Asia is known for.

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