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Advanced Hypercholesterolemia Treatment in Southeast Asia

Hypercholesterolemia is a medical condition characterised by excessively high levels of cholesterol in the blood. As it greatly increases the patients’ risk of suffering from a stroke or developing a heart disease, it is crucial that medical attention is sought as soon as possible.

Hypercholesterolemia patients who are considering medical tourism to gain access to high quality but affordable medical care have the option to travel to Southeast Asia. The quality of healthcare in the region has consistently improved over the years, but the cost had remained significantly low helping international patients save on their overall healthcare costs. By seeking treatment in the region, patients also get to save on travel and accommodation costs due to the lower cost of living in Southeast Asian countries compared to more developed countries such as the US and United Kingdom.

Aside from the low cost of medical care, medical tourists in Southeast Asia can also expect to be treated by highly qualified doctors. Many hospitals in the region send their doctors abroad. After becoming immersed in best medical practices and international medical standards, these doctors return to their home countries and incorporate their training and experience into their local hospitals or private practices. This is one of the major driving forces behind the success of Southeast Asia’s medical tourism industry.

Some of the best medical tourism destinations in Southeast Asia are Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand where one can easily find a long list of Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited medical facilities. This accreditation signifies that the hospitals are fully equipped to provide medical care that meets international standards.

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