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Advanced Malignant Adenomatous Neoplasm Treatment in SE Asia

Patients with malignant adenomatous neoplasm need to undergo cancer treatment to keep the tumour from growing and to destroy the cancer cells in the body. The tumour, also called adenocarcinoma, is an abnormal cancerous growth that originates in the glands of the epithelial lining of various organs. Thus, it can form in various parts of the body, including the breasts, oesophagus, lungs, prostate, pancreas, or colon. It makes up a large number of the most common cancerous tumours and is the most common type of colon cancer. Since it is malignant, diagnosed patients need to seek immediate care from cancer specialists as soon as possible.

Among the available treatment options for malignant adenomatous neoplasm sufferers are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Although widely available all over the world, such treatments require advanced medical infrastructure to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes. This is why many patients choose to travel abroad to take advantage of world-class medical technology that may not be available in their home country.

Patients in Southeast Asia now have access to world-class oncology care without travelling outside the region; thanks to the likes of Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand as well as other JCI-accredited hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore that specialise in cancer treatment. Together, these three countries make up the region’s highly competitive and cutting-edge medical infrastructure that gives western medical tourism a run for its money.

Thanks to their leading stance in medical technology and competitiveness, these countries invest heavily in research and the development of advanced treatment options for common chronic illnesses, including cancer. This provides patients in the region easy access to new developments in cancer treatment, such as targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplants, and precision medicine, among others.

Cancer screening, oncologic surgery, and various cancer treatment options are some of the most widely sought after treatments in Southeast Asia, which currently offers the same quality of medical care and service as western countries but at a significantly lower cost.

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