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Advanced Neurilemmoma Specialist Care is Cheaper in SE Asia

Neurilemmomas are benign, encapsulated tumours that form on the nerve sheath. They usually form on the side of a nerve, either alone or in clusters, and result in a palpable mass or a cosmetic deformity, usually in the upper and lower extremities of the trunk. Considered as the most common type of neurogenic tumour, the condition can cause major health complications, such as nerve compression. The tumours are removed through surgical resection, after which recurrence is unlikely and the patient’s long-term prognosis is generally good.

Nevertheless, seeking treatment for a neurilemmoma is still a challenge for most sufferers. This is because the specialty of neurosurgery is a complex science, and advanced treatments in this field are not as widely available as treatments for other common diseases. Thus, it is common for patients diagnosed with nerve tumours to seek medical treatment overseas, and one of their most ideal destinations is Southeast Asia where advances in neurosurgery are now also available at a much affordable price.

One of the best destinations for neurilemmoma sufferers is Singapore, which boasts one of the best healthcare systems in the world as recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2000 and Bloomberg in 2014. To uphold its status as the prime medical tourism destination in Asia, the country continues to be at the forefront of medical innovation, especially in specialist care, with neurosurgery being one of its top specialties.

Singapore is only one of the three rising stars in Asia’s medical tourism industry. Patients diagnosed with neurilemmoma can also head to Thailand or Malaysia where the same world-class treatment and advanced medical technology are also available. Both countries have risen to fame mainly for their lower-priced treatments even when compared to Singapore and more so when compared to the US and UK.

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