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Advanced Prolapsed Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment in SE Asia

Prolapsed internal haemorrhoids are internal haemorrhoidal tissues that protrude through and can be felt outside the anus. Internal haemorrhoids are made up of a mucosal lining and form inside the anus. However, in some cases, the haemorrhoidal tissue extends beyond the anus, so patients can touch or feel it when they wipe after having a bowel movement. A prolapse can occur in various levels of severity. A grade II prolapse is one that goes back in on its own, whereas a grade III prolapse can be pushed back inwards by the patient. The most severe type of prolapse, however, can no longer be pushed back and can cause patients serious pain. Patients may also suffer from significant rectal bleeding as well as irritation around the anus.

Patients who suffer from prolapsed internal haemorrhoids don’t have to suffer silently, as they can now head to Southeast Asia to receive treatment at a price they can easily afford. Southeast Asia has revolutionised the medical tourism industry by bringing to the east the same breakthrough medical technologies available in the west. Despite this, the region’s overall healthcare costs remain significantly lower, offering patients cost savings of up to 70% than when they go west.

With the costs of healthcare brought down low, patients with this condition are given access to a wider range of treatment options including rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, and infrared photocoagulation.

Infrared photocoagulation is an outpatient procedure performed during an anoscopy. This new technology uses infrared radiation to cause the haemorrhoidal tissue to become inflamed and to slough off until the protruding tissue is eventually eliminated. The procedure is quick, painless, and very effective.

For those with severely prolapsed internal haemorrhoids, surgical intervention may be necessary. In this case, choosing a Southeast Asian hospital like Singapore’s Raffles Hospital or Bangkok’s Bumrungrad International is the right choice, as these are home to fully qualified surgeons and have the necessary surgical equipment in place.

These top-notch hospitals are also up-to-date with the latest in surgical technology, and offer a more advanced surgical procedure for prolapsed internal haemorrhoids. The procedure is called stapled haemorrhoidectomy, which pulls the haemorrhoids upward and staples the tissue in its proper place to prevent recurrent prolapses. This newly developed procedure has lowered the risk of recurrence among patients with prolapsed internal haemorrhoids and is considered as the most promising new treatment for the condition.

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