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Advanced Treatment Options for Haemoptysis in Southeast Asia

Haemoptysis is a medical condition in which the patient coughs up blood or bloodstained mucus coming from the respiratory structures, such as the bronchi, larynx, or lungs. It is associated with underlying medical conditions, such as lung or chest infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, or tuberculosis), lung cancer, and some cardiovascular problems. If a person coughs up blood that is more than 300 mL within 24 hours, the condition is considered to be severe or massive. In such cases, patients are at risk of choking on the excess blood and losing too much blood.

Since haemoptysis can be caused by a large number of possible conditions, patients who experience it usually need to undergo a long diagnostic process that includes advanced imaging exams. Patients living in countries where advanced imaging and treatment for this condition are either not widely available or extremely expensive may consider medical tourism to take advantage of high quality but affordable care. Some of the best destinations for patients within Asia and beyond are Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Southeast Asia, which is a widely recognised medical tourism hub, invests heavily in all the latest equipment and advanced medical technology to diagnose and treat haemoptysis and its underlying conditions. The region’s top hospitals have access to 3D imaging scans, CT virtual bronchoscopy, and bronchial angiography, all of which can be used to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Southeast Asia has also invested heavily in minimally invasive medical technology giving patients access to bronchial fibre endoscopy, another effective procedure used in diagnosing haemoptysis.

Innovative treatments available in Southeast Asia for haemoptysis patients include advanced laser photocoagulation or bronchial angiography that controls the bleeding in the chest or lungs and surgical intervention such as lung resection or lung removal. In the region's Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals, all these procedures are performed by highly qualified medical professionals (most of whom were trained in Western countries) using the most advanced technology and modern facilities.

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