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Affordable and High-Quality Protastectomy in Southeast Asia

One of the most significant medical concerns of ageing men is an enlarged prostate, which is often a result of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Even though the condition is a common part of the ageing process (for men), it causes undesirable symptoms that only a surgical procedure can relieve. The most preferred method is to remove the entire prostate gland through open surgery.

Unfortunately, with the increasing costs of surgery in the US and the entire western hemisphere, many men who require the procedure have to forego the procedure altogether because of financial limitations.

Good thing that there’s a cheaper alternative and that would be to travel to Southeast Asia for the procedure. In recent years, medical travel to the Southeast Asian region has become extremely popular. Millions of Westerners opt to travel to the southeast instead of seeking medical attention in the West primarily because of cheaper rates and high-quality medical care.

Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are the primary destinations for medical travellers. The rates that these countries offer for various surgical procedures are often 50% - 75% cheaper than their western counterparts.

In terms of quality of medical care, equipment, and facilities, Southeast Asian hospitals that are popular among Western medical travellers provide high-quality services that are equal to, and sometimes even better than Western hospitals.

Suffering from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate because of the inability to undergo surgery due to financial limitations should no longer be an option as top hospitals in Southeast Asia offer high-quality medical care at significantly lower costs.

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