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Affordable Fracture of Cervical Spine Treatment in SE Asia

The cervical spine is the part of the spinal cord that begins at the base of the skull. It is connected to the thoracic (upper back) spine and is responsible for protecting the spinal cord, supporting the head, and facilitating head and neck movement. It also allows blood to flow to the brain. The cervical spine can be fractured usually due to blunt trauma or injury. This is a serious condition that requires immediate treatment.

Comprehensive and advanced treatment for cervical spine fracture is widely available in Southeast Asia, which is dubbed as the new leader in global medical tourism. This is attributed to its exhaustive efforts to provide highly affordable but superior quality medical and surgical treatments. While the quality of healthcare in the ASEAN region is comparable to that in the US or Europe, the difference in costs is quite big. This explains the growing number of medical tourists going to countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore year after year.

Using advanced technology, Southeast Asia offers the latest orthopaedic treatments for patients with a cervical spine fracture. Orthopaedics is actually one of the top specialties in the region, and several of the most skilled and most experienced orthopaedic specialists here have gained training abroad and brought the best innovative treatments back to their home countries.

The low cost, high-quality treatments are also combined with the attractive prospect of recuperating in a whole new environment. The idea of being in a new country while recovering from a medical procedure helps speed up the process for many patients.

All in all, the process, the experience, and the medical care that visiting patients receive from Southeast Asia meet all international standards. It also definitely helps that many hospitals in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore have obtained the approval of standards monitoring organisations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO).

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