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Affordable Long Term Care for Myasthenia Gravis in SE Asia

Myasthenia gravis is a long-term neuromuscular disorder that causes the body’s voluntary skeletal muscles to weaken. It is caused by an autoimmune condition wherein the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissues. Patients who suffer from myasthenia gravis may need to undergo a long diagnostic process to rule out other possible problems, and may also need long-term medical management under the supervision of a neurologist. The condition has no cure, so the goals of the treatment are to control its symptoms and improve the strength of the affected muscles.

Comprehensive treatment for myasthenia gravis is widely available in Southeast Asia where some of the world’s renowned neurologists are currently practicing. The region is a well-established medical tourism hub, and part of the reason behind this is because it offers specialised treatment even for less common conditions such as myasthenia gravis.

For those who are considering surgery to treat myasthenia gravis, Southeast Asia is also the best place to go for surgical treatment. Countries like Singapore and Thailand have highly skilled neurosurgeons who are highly experienced in performing thymectomy, the surgical removal of the thymus gland. In most patients who suffer from MG, there is some abnormality affecting the thymus gland. The procedure has so far been effective in improving muscle strength in MG patients. The region also has the latest innovative equipment that allows surgeons to perform video-assisted thoracoscopic extended thymectomy, which is the less invasive version of the surgery.

Despite the availability of advanced, high-quality treatment options in Southeast Asia, the region promises massive cost savings to medical travellers who come to its shores. The healthcare costs in ASEAN countries are significantly less expensive than in the US and UK. These cost savings are especially useful for MG patients as they can use the money to pay for long-term care if they decide to stay in Southeast Asia for a longer period.

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