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Affordable Malignant Melanoma of Foot Treatment in SE Asia

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that starts in skin cells found on the uppermost layer of the skin. Although very rare, melanoma is a serious condition that often develops in areas of the skin that are usually concealed, such as the feet. The condition can be life-threatening but can be treated if diagnosed early and managed with appropriate surgical and adjuvant therapies.

Patients with malignant melanoma of the foot must be treated in a medical facility that is fully equipped to accurately diagnose the condition and to carry out a range of surgical procedures for the removal of cancer. In many places in Southeast Asia, hospitals lack the needed technology and specialists to carry out such procedures. For patients in these countries, travelling to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia is a viable option.

Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are the most widely recognised medical tourism hubs in Southeast Asia. The success of their medical industries is attributed to their huge investments in improving their healthcare systems. These countries spend millions of dollars to ensure that they have the most advanced medical technologies and world-class medical facilities. They also invest in sending their specialists to Western countries to stay up-to-date with the best medical and surgical practices as well as latest innovations and treatment methods. For these reasons and more, they are able to attract thousands of medical tourists not just from Southeast Asia, but also from as far as Western countries.

In Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, patients with malignant melanoma are offered advanced, multi-modal cancer treatments involving highly specialised oncological surgery that is often combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy to improve patient outcomes. When compared to Western countries, the cost of such procedures in Southeast Asia is up to 75% cheaper.

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