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Avoid Waiting Time with Dental Implants in Singapore

Getting your dental implants in the US or in Europe could mean waiting for several months. The more you wait, the less confident you become because of the embarrassment caused by missing teeth. If you’re seeking for decreased waiting time combined with high quality care and affordable prices, perhaps you should consider Singapore’s booming dental tourism.

The waiting time for getting dental implants in Western countries typically take 3-6 months. Aside from the backlog in both public and private dental services in Western countries, the delay is also caused by bone grafting, where you have to wait for the jawbones to grow and affix to the implant.

However, advances in dental implant technology have significantly decreased the waiting period. These technologies are available in Singapore, one of the major destinations for dental travelers from both the US and Europe.

One of the technologies you can take advantage of is called the All-on-4 treatment concept. The surgical procedure involves placing four implants in the region of the jaw where bone density is higher. A fixed prosthesis is then placed over the implants immediately after the surgery.

The All-on-4 treatment concept is performed on patients with no natural teeth. The dental prosthesis acts as a permanent set of teeth and these can last for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene. This and the fact that dental clinics in Singapore are ready to serve you immediately decrease the waiting time significantly.

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