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Benefits of Getting Cirrhosis of Liver Treatment in SE Asia

Cirrhosis is a slow progressing disease characterised by severe scarring in the liver often caused by long-term exposure to viral infections and toxins such as alcohol. Cirrhosis causes the liver to harden restricting the flow of nutrient-rich blood from the portal vein. When this happens, the patient will have an increased risk of kidney failure, sensitivity to medications, liver cancer, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, gallstones, and oesophageal varices.

Patients with liver cirrhosis require long-term therapy as well as continuous monitoring and periodic screening to prevent or delay further liver damage.

Due to the worrying possible consequences of the condition when not properly managed, many patients consider travelling to other countries where advanced healthcare and cutting-edge technologies are widely available. Gone are the days when the only option is to travel to Western countries, which although allows patients access to exceptional medical care, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars especially if the patient requires liver transplantation. Today, patients, especially those from Asia, can have access to the highest quality care possible by travelling to their neighbouring countries, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Southeast Asia is home to many globally recognised hospitals with dedicated hepatology and liver surgery departments. These include Singapore General Hospital and Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital in Thailand. These hospitals are staffed by highly qualified hepatologists and liver surgeons with decades of experience and international training. They are also equipped with the best available medical technology and follow rigorous standards of quality, safety, and patient care.

When compared to travelling to Western countries, seeking treatment in Southeast Asia offers patients more benefits. Aside from high quality but affordable treatment, they also get to enjoy shorter wait times, exceptional nursing care, and lower travel costs as they are closer to home.

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