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Benefits of Traveling to Southeast Asia for Eczema Treatment

Eczema is fast becoming one of the most common skin conditions that cause inflamed and irritated skin among patients of varying ages. Although most common in Asian countries, it also affects around 10 to 20 percent of infants and around 3 percent of adults in western countries. Believed to be caused by certain irritants that cause the body’s immune system to respond hyperactively, eczema causes raised, itchy rashes that either stay on the skin for prolonged periods or periodically flare-up when triggered. With climate and environmental factors in play, Southeast Asians are considered to have a higher risk for skin conditions such as eczema, making the region a reliable source of eczema treatment even for patients coming from western countries.

Since Southeast Asian dermatologists commonly encounter eczema in its various forms, they are more equipped and capable of providing effective and lasting treatment for the condition. Thus, Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand currently boast of an impressive array of dermatology practices with immense experience in treating and managing eczema. The region is now known as the hub for both medical and aesthetic services in the field of dermatology. The best thing about traveling to Southeast Asia for eczema treatment, however, is the almost 80 percent cost-savings offered by premier clinics in the region. Even with airfare and cost of accommodation, traveling to the region to seek help for your eczema will still help you save a lot of money compared to getting treatment in the west.

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