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Best SEA Countries for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment

Southeast Asia has successfully made a huge mark in the field of global medical tourism. It is now one of the preferred destinations for many international patients who seek excellent but affordable medical and nursing care. Every year, the region welcomes thousands of medical tourists seeking treatment for various medical conditions, with cancer being one of the most common.

For non-small lung cancer patients who consider travelling to Southeast Asia for treatment, the best medical tourism destinations are Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Singapore, which is currently the only developed country in Southeast Asia, features a world-class healthcare system that is recognised as one of the best in the world. The city-state offers a range of medical services in different fields of medicine, but its top specialties include oncology or cancer care. Its many Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals combine advanced skills, latest technologies, breakthrough methods, and ethical and transparent practices to deliver the best possible oncology care to both local and international patients. They also exert continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology and invest heavily in research and clinical trials to further improve patient outcomes.

Thailand and Malaysia also have a long list of JCI-accredited hospitals with dedicated oncology centres deeply committed to redefining standards in advanced cancer care. Just like Singapore, they combine advanced medical skills and expertise, the most current knowledge in cancer care, and cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology. They also invest in improving the skills of their doctors by sending them abroad for fellowship or specialist training. Such hospitals offer the same quality of cancer care offered in Western countries but at a significantly lower cost. Patients seeking treatment in these Southeast Asian countries only pay the fraction of the cost of cancer care in the West.

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