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Cheaper but High-Quality Sex Change Surgery in Singapore

Sex change surgery, also referred to as sex reassignment surgery, refers to a surgical procedure that aims to alter or change the appearance of the genitals to resemble that of the opposite sex. However, the term “sex change surgery” has been recently redefined by World Professional Association of Transgender Health to include a larger number of sex reassignment surgeries that include chest reconstruction or augmentation, bilateral mastectomy, complete hysterectomy, genital reconstruction, and facial electrolysis.

If you're from Indonesia who seek internationally accepted standards of medical care and high success rate, know that you have several options aside from going to the United States or European countries to have this surgery. To save on cost without sacrificing quality, you may consider going to your neighbouring country – Singapore.

Singapore is the most progressive country in Asia, and its healthcare is at par with that in the United States and Europe. In addition, it has numerous dedicated hospitals and world-class medical facilities for patients who require sex change surgery. It also features a long list of highly qualified and experienced surgeons; most have received education and training in Western countries. Despite these, patients who go to Singapore can expect huge savings. Even with associated costs such as accommodation and airfare, patients from Indonesia can still save up to 75% of the cost.

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