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Cheaper Dental Implants for Indonesians in Southeast Asia

The past few years has seen major improvements in Indonesia’s dental services. The government and private sectors are working together to improve the country’s ability to provide quality dental services to the population. Unfortunately, the industry has been criticized for the high costs of dental treatment. It is likely that the severe shortage of qualified dental practitioners in certain regions of the country has contributed to the increase of prices.

The Indonesian government is working to correct the uneven balance of dentists throughout the country. In the meantime, if you are seeking for viable alternatives for dental treatments, know that one of your options is to travel to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia to find cheaper or much affordable dental services, especially dental implants.

It’s not surprising that dental implant procedures can be expensive. The same procedures in the US, Europe, and even in the Australian continent can be equivalent to a year’s income for an ordinary Indonesian family. However, advances in dental technologies have allowed for cheaper treatment plans in Southeast Asia.

Two of the most common destinations for affordable dental implants that you should consider are Thailand and Singapore. Both countries are near to Indonesia thereby requiring less travel expenses. They also use cutting-edge technologies that enable implant procedures to be completed in a day, thus significantly reducing waiting times and associated costs. Additionally, the quality of dental services in these countries is comparable to those in the west and other developed nations.

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