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Cheaper Ptosis Correction in Singapore

Ptosis, a condition characterized by droopy upper eyelids, not only affects your appearance, but your vision as well. The condition can be corrected by tightening the levator muscle or attaching it to the forehead muscles.

This delicate surgical procedure needs to be performed by highly experienced cosmetic reconstructive facial surgeons to limit the risk of over or under correction. In the past, such type of surgeons could only be found in Western countries. Patients from Southeast Asia would need to travel all the way to the United States or Europe to undergo such procedures.

Today, highly experienced reconstructive surgeons are available in Singapore, making such procedures more accessible to patients within the region. Singapore, with its world-class medical facilities and internationally-trained surgeons, provides top quality medical care, which is comparable to Western countries. In fact, many patients from the West are travelling to Singapore to undergo medical procedures because of the high-quality medical care and significantly lower cost. Ptosis correction in Singapore is up to 75% cheaper when compared to the United States.

By undergoing ptosis correction surgery in Singapore, the chances for a successful procedure are high. You will also be able to save a considerable amount of money not only on the cost of the procedure, but also on other travel-related costs.

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