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Choose to Undergo Abdominoplasty in Singapore

Are you considering undergoing abdominoplasty or tummy tuck outside Indonesia? Are you seeking world-class procedure performed by highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon without spending a fortune? Then, know that aside from the United States and other western countries, you also have the option to travel to Singapore, which is just a few hours flight away from Indonesia. Also a first-world country, Singapore is famous around the globe for its world-class medical facilities, highly trained plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and for using the industry’s most advanced technologies. Because of these, patients are assured to receive internationally accepted standards of medical care and impressive outcome.

Despite offering the same quality procedures provided in western countries, plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Singapore, most of whom have received education and extensive training in the US and Europe, charge up to 75% less when compared to their western counterparts primarily because of the low cost of living in Southeast Asia. Patients are still able to save thousands of dollars even when associated costs such as airfare and accommodation are considered.

There is no need to travel to the United States and other western countries when you seek highly trained surgeons to perform high-quality abdominoplasty. Travel to your neighbouring country, Singapore, not just to save on cost but also to get fast results. In Singapore, waiting time is never a problem as surgeons can typically accommodate you at a moment’s notice.

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