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Choose to Undergo Cataract Surgery in Singapore

Cataracts lead to total loss of vision and the only way to prevent this from happening is to have them removed. Although the success of the operation is highly dependent on the skills of the surgeon, modern technologies are able to enhance those skills in terms of accuracy and help the patient to recover faster.

Modern cataract surgeries, also referred to laser-assisted cataract removal surgeries, are available in Singapore. In a laser-assisted surgery, the device first creates a 3-dimensional model of the eye. The laser then performs an extremely accurate incision on the cornea and then cuts a perfect circular opening on the lens capsule. Once the segment has been extracted manually, the laser breaks down the cataract so it can easily be removed through a process called phacoemulsification. After the removal of the cataract, the doctor will implant an artificial intraocular lens to restore vision.

In traditional cataract surgery, the whole process is done manually. Laser assisted surgery ensures that the accuracy of the incision which also helps in the recovery process.

However, the downside of laser-assisted cataract surgery is the cost. This type of procedure is much more expensive and can be a prohibiting factor for some patients. If so, the traditional method of cataract surgery must not be discounted. Traditional surgery is highly effective and eye surgeons in Singapore are fully qualified to perform this type of procedure.

Whether you’re willing to undergo traditional cataract removal surgery or the more advanced laser-assisted method, going to Singapore, which has highly qualified surgeons and the most modern technology to restore your vision, is definitely your best option.

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