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Choose to Undergo Mastectomy in Southeast Asia

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure for removing the breast. It is a standard procedure for treatment as well as prevention of breast cancer (for those who have high genetic risk). Doctors may perform partial mastectomy (only one breast) for earlier stages of cancer, or radical mastectomy (both breasts, including nipples) for advanced stages. Mastectomy is often combined with other cancer treatment techniques such as radiation and chemotherapy to completely kill all cancer cells and prevent recurrence.

Mastectomy is considered a major operation, and costs several thousands of dollars in most Western countries. The cost is usually tripled if you will have to go through radiation or chemotherapy for a comprehensive treatment. If you need to undergo mastectomy or other cancer treatment procedures and wish to save at least 70% of the cost, travel to Southeast Asia. Countries like Malaysia and Singapore now offer advanced medical facilities and procedures performed by highly experienced doctors trained both locally and abroad. Unlike treatment procedures in USA and Europe, which usually involve long scheduling queues, Mastectomy in Southeast Asia can be initiated within a short notice. Aside from huge savings and prompt medical care, patients visiting these Southeast Asian countries will also get to experience signature Asian hospitality throughout their stay.

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