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Closed Fracture Finger Proximal Phalanx Treatment in SE Asia

Closed finger fractures in the shaft are the most common finger injury affecting the middle part of the finger’s bone. It is the most disabling kind of finger fracture because of its effects on finger movement and can make everyday tasks very challenging.

In Southeast Asia, promising new treatments for this type of injury are now widely available. Since the fracture is closed, many doctors in the region provide non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment options that offer faster recovery time and minimal surgical pain.

Currently leading the medical tourism race, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia offer a wide range of medical specialties, and orthopaedics is one of the fields that they are best known for. These countries are home to many highly experienced specialists who focus on treating specific health problems including closed finger fractures.

Aside from having access to best treatments, medical tourists in Southeast Asia also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Shorter waiting time - Visiting patients are surprised at how fast they are able to receive treatment in Southeast Asia when compared to other medical tourism hubs such as the US and UK. In countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, most medical tourists are attended to at their earliest convenience. This means that they don’t need to suffer from the disability caused by finger fractures for a long time.

  • Bigger cost savings - Medical tourists in Southeast Asia also enjoy up to 70% of their healthcare costs when compared to going to the US or UK. But this does not mean medical care is lower in quality. Like in the US, many Southeast Asian hospitals have advanced medical equipment and modern facilities and are staffed by many doctors with international diplomas and trainings.

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