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Closed Fracture of Cervical Spine Treatment in SE Asia

Closed cervical fracture is a serious injury in which at least one of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck is broken leading to the patient experiencing shock, paralysis, loss of sensation, or even death. Common causes of this condition include a severe blow to the neck or head area, vehicle collisions, and sudden twist to the neck.

Patients who have sustained closed cervical spine fracture require immediate medical attention and must be brought to a fully equipped accident and emergency (A&E) department. It is crucial that they undergo imaging procedures for the assessment of their condition and to determine which of the seven cervical vertebrae have been damaged so appropriate treatment programme can be planned. Patients’ prognosis depends on many factors including the severity of the condition, their access to a fully equipped medical facility staffed by expert orthopaedic specialists, and how soon they receive medical attention.

In Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, many hospitals and dedicated orthopaedic centres are fully equipped to provide immediate treatment for patients with a closed cervical spine fracture. Many of these healthcare providers, particularly those with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, invest heavily in advanced technology and modern medical facilities allowing them to provide Western standards of healthcare.

Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, which have been recognised as Southeast Asia’s medical tourism hubs, are home to many internationally trained orthopaedic specialists who graduated or completed intensive training in Western countries such as the United States and United Kingdom. Due to their qualifications, they are able to offer a complete range of treatment options based on the severity of the fracture and the patient’s overall health condition. These options, which are categorised as either non-operative or operative, include skeletal traction and closed reduction that uses metal pins as well as surgical procedures. Physical therapy is also widely available in these countries that are designed to help patients regain their neck’s strength and mobility.

The quality of treatment for closed fracture of cervical spine in Southeast Asia is comparable to Western countries due to the availability of advanced diagnostics and imaging systems, internationally trained specialists, and premier hospitals. Perhaps, the only difference is the cost as Southeast Asian hospitals charge just a fraction of the cost being charged by their Western counterparts.

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