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Comprehensive Mural Thrombus of Heart Treatment in SE Asia

A mural thrombus of the heart is a blood clot that forms and becomes attached to the lining of one of the heart's chambers. They are very prone to breaking loose and causing embolisms, which are potentially life-threatening. A large percentage of patients who succumb to heart disease have one or more mural thrombi in the heart. The condition is also associated with many of the common and most dangerous heart diseases, such as hypertensive heart disease, coronary artery disease, and rheumatic heart disease.

Due to the role it plays in serious heart diseases, a mural thrombus of the heart is best diagnosed and treated early. Patients suspected of having a mural thrombus should promptly find a cardiology centre that has all the necessary equipment and technology to both diagnose and treat the condition.

Some of the best cardiology centres in the world are found in Southeast Asia, which is more accessible and more affordable for more international patients than developed countries in the West.

Southeast Asia is fast becoming known as a hub for medical tourists, and one of the medical specialties it is best known for is cardiology. The majority of the region’s world-class hospitals have their in-house cardiology centres, and many of them have Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Many of Southeast Asia’s cardiac care centres are equipped with the latest and most advanced diagnostic and surgical tools used in treating mural thrombi. The condition is most effectively diagnosed using echocardiography. Once its presence is confirmed, the thrombus may need to be surgically removed through a thrombectomy.

Singapore, in particular, boasts a fully equipped, state-of-the-art dedicated cardiac facility – its National Heart Centre. It is composed of a coronary care, high dependency, preventive cardiology, and cardiovascular rehabilitation units. These various units are designed to provide specialised care for cardiac patients in all stages of heart disease. The centre also has an in-house nuclear cardiology laboratory that explores the innovative use of nuclear medicine in the field of cardiac care to further improve treatment outcomes.

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