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Consider Southeast Asia for Osteoarthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis, known as the most common form of arthritis, is also considered as one of the most globally rampant conditions that affect people from all regions of the world. The condition, which is characterized by damaged joint surfaces that cause chronic pain most commonly affecting the hips and knees, is just as widespread in the western countries as in Southeast Asia. Studies show that the prevalence of the condition worldwide is linked to movement levels and dietary habits. It is currently known to affect an estimated 52 million adults in the west alone; meanwhile, in Singapore, it is known as one of the leading causes of disability.

Despite similar prevalence rates, western and Southeast Asian treatment for osteoarthritis have one major difference: their costs. Since osteoarthritis treatment is not often covered by western health insurance policies, patients have a better chance of effectively managing the disease while keeping costs low by traveling to Southeast Asia. While the treatment methods are similar, the price is significantly lower by up to 80 percent. Despite the huge savings, orthopedic clinics in Southeast Asia offer innovative treatments and are staffed by highly experienced doctors who are capable of managing the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis, thus giving patients the best chance to live full lives despite their condition. In addition, medical travelers in Southeast Asia are given priority, so patients are able to get personalized treatment without the waiting times.

So if you are suffering from the pain, stiffness, muscle weakness, joint deformity, and reduced joint movement caused by osteoarthritis, you may consider traveling to Southeast Asia for treatment not just to save up to 80per cent on cost but also to receive internationally accepted standards of medical care while enjoying Southeast Asia’s signature hospitality.

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