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Cost-Effective Treatment for Incomplete Miscarriage in SEA

An incomplete miscarriage is when a woman who has miscarried still has remaining tissues from the pregnancy in her uterus. In about 90% of incomplete miscarriages, the body gets rid of the remaining tissues and resolves the problem by itself. However, if this doesn’t happen in about two weeks, medical assistance is necessary in order to avoid infection. To treat incomplete miscarriage, a procedure called dilatation and curettage (D&C) needs to be performed. This involves opening the cervix and removing the tissues from the uterus.

Patients with this condition may opt to travel abroad to take advantage of high quality but affordable medical procedures. Southeast Asia, which is currently one of today's best medical tourism destinations, offers international patients state-of-the-art medical facilities, modern medical equipment, and the services of highly credentialed, internationally trained obstetrics specialists.

A lot of hospitals in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia have received the Joint Commission International (JCI) Gold Seal of Approval and meet the international standards set by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). The JCI gives special recognition to hospitals that pass their rigorous quality assessments and make sure the hospitals keep up with developments in the medical field to continue providing the best medical services that patients can possibly receive.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is among the many countries that offer cost-effective treatment and the right environment for reproductive health procedures such as a D&C. The country has a total of 37 accredited hospitals where patients who have had an incomplete miscarriage can receive the right treatment that they need.

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